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At Earthscape, Unltd., we provide the ultimate in green landscape design, construction and installation. Our designs are classical, relying on many native plant species, site tolerant plants, stonewalls, bluestone, brickwork, and fractured ledge to make your landscape work with the natural surroundings.

In our designs we love to incorporate paths, bridges, sitting areas and benches, patios, bird baths, shade structures, and rocks and boulders. For a list of our services click HERE >


We usually include native herbs with beautiful colors and fragrance. If you are looking to capture a bit of Maine's natural landscape, to surround yourself in pristine beauty, then we may be the right choice for you. Please visit our portfolio HERE >


Earthscape, Unltd's approach is simple: we help you create beautiful surroundings, and we are committed to nurturing and enhancing those outdoor spaces for the improvement of your outdoor space. To learn more about us, click HERE >


We take pride in our superior design and installation services, where professionalism and practicality balance aesthetics and inspiration.


Creating a truly spectacular garden is an evolving process and we are committed to the refinement of our installations, making your outdoor environment ever more textured and luxurious.



Thank you for your  quality work and prompt , professional service.  We are very pleased with the outcome of this project and hope we can call on you for any further landscaping needs.

Sue & Harvey Gorman


Earthscape, Unltd., has done a fabulous job of balancing historic preservation issues, modern use and affordability.  Pre-project estimates are thorough  and accurate. As a small non-profit,  we pay careful attention to not only our bottom line, but also the quality of the work. 

Randall Wade Thomas
Freeport Historical Society


Whitney Martin has a vision for the landscape as a work of art, formed of the natural materials at hand.  It is clear that doing the job right with a result that the customer loves is a top priority.

Cay Kendrick

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